A multiple sensor system in a concentric, polygonal or opposing form is arranged in immediate proximity to the laser beam outlet surface of the laser handpiece. The.

Try the new Google Patents, with machine-classified Google Scholar results, and Japanese and South Korean patents. Verfahren zur phototherapeutischen behandlung von proliferativen hauterkrankungen A process for phototherapeutic Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten of proliferative skin diseases translated from German DE T2. Use of a photoprotective Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten in the preparation of a medicament for Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten a proliferative skin disorder in a click the following article patient having affected and non-affected areas of skin, wherein the disease causes the affected areas of skin are shed at a greater rate than Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten non-affected areas of skin, wherein said sunscreen is topically applied to the affected and non-affected areas of skin, according to which the user of the medicament waits for a time period sufficient for the skin of the affected areas will be repelled with a greater degree than skin of non-affected areas, after which the infected and are exposed to a selected level of optical radiation is not affected areas of skin of the patient, sufficient to treat the affected areas of skin and insufficient ASD Empfang bei cause significant damage to said non-affected areas of skin.

Verwendung Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten Anspruch 1, worin die Sonnenabschirmung eine aktive Verbindung aufweist, die http://julia-kuhn.de/aufgrund-dessen-was-psoriasis-auftreten-kann.php Abschnitte der Haut teilweise bindet. Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten according to claim Ich kann nicht mit Psoriasis leben wherein said sunscreen comprises an active compound which binds to portions of said skin part.

Use according to claim 2, wherein the active compound optical radiation having Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten wavelength from to nm partly absorbed. Verwendung nach Anspruch 3, worin read article aktive Verbindung DNA ist.

Use according to claim 3, wherein the active compound is DNA. Use according to claim 1, further comprising the use of a compound which is selected from the group consisting of photosensitizing Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, psoralen, and psoralen-based compounds for the manufacture of a medicament for administration click at this page the patient before it is exposed to the Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten. Verwendung nach Anspruch 5, worin die Sonnenabschirmung eine aktive Verbindung aufweist, die an Abschnitte der Haut teilweise bindet.

Use according to Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten 5, wherein said sunscreen comprises Weide Tee Psoriasis active compound which binds to Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten of said skin part.

Use according to claim 6, wherein the active compound, an optical radiation having a wavelength between and nm partly absorbed.

Verwendung nach Anspruch 7, worin die aktive Verbindung DHA ist. Use according to claim 7, wherein the active compound is DHA. Gebiet der Erfindung Field of the Invention. Diese Erfindung betrifft die Http://julia-kuhn.de/kokosoel-behandlung-von-psoriasis.php von Psoriasis und anderen proliferativen Hauterkrankungen unter Verwendung phototherapeutischer Techniken.

This invention relates to the treatment of psoriasis and other proliferative skin diseases Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten phototherapeutic techniques. Hintergrund der Erfindung Background Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the Invention. Proliferative skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, mycosis Anfangsstadium Psoriasis Farbfotos Foto, actinic keratosis and lichen planus, are known to infect one or two percent of the US population, with a year as much Psoriasis Behandlungszeitentonew cases occur "Research Needs in 11 major Areas Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten Dermatology "J.

Invest Dermatol 73 I. One method that is used to treat Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten rapid proliferation of skin cells is phototherapy, which utilizes optical absorption of ultraviolet UV radiation by the skin to kill rapidly growing cells and to stop the proliferation. Presently both UVA and UVB therapy, which exposes the skin to UV radiation between nm UVA or nm UVB Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, effective Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten widely used.

Auch weithin angewendet wird PUVA-Therapie, eine Form der Photochemotherapie, Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten das wiederholte topische Auftragen von Psoralen oder einer auf Psoralen beruhenden Verbindung auf den befallenen Hautbereich beinhaltet, wonach dieser Bereich UVA-Strahlung ausgesetzt wird. Eine andere Methode, die zur Behandlung proliferativer Hauterkrankungen, insbesondere Psoriasis und Mycosis fungoides angewendet wird, ist die photodynamische Therapie PDT.

Another method that is used to treat proliferative skin diseases, particularly psoriasis and mycosis fungoides, is photodynamic therapy PDT. In this method, Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten photosensitivierender active ingredient, which is an in cancer cells selectively restrained drug, a patient is administered.

After the absorption of light typically between nm, depending on the drug is subject to the photosensitizing agent of a photochemical reaction, resulting in the production of cytotoxic singlet Stauerstoff, eventually to tumor vessel destruction in the skin leads Anderson et al. However, long-term treatment of proliferative skin Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten by means of this therapy types can lead to significant acute and chronic side effects, including erythema, pruritus, skin cancer and chronic light-induced damage to the skin Stern et al, NEJ Med It is therefore desirable to reduce the number of times in which the skin is exposed to radiation during phototherapy.

PUVA therapy Wolff, Pharmacol Ther Another method that is used Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten lowering the number of phototherapy treatments involves amplifying the light flux during therapy Honigmann et al. A up to three-fold reduction in time required for cleaning the affected area is possible when isolated plaques radiation levels between two and three times the minimal erythema dose MED are exposed, defined as a level of the light flux of the outbreak leads of erythema Parrish et al, J.

Because both UVA and UVB radiation for normal skin are harmful, the tolerable limit for the treatment aggressiveness is ultimately limited by the side effects that result from the fact that the skin is exposed Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten cumulative UV radiation.

Currently, the level of Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten radiation during phototherapeutic treatment is kept as high as possible, causing only slightly less than the level of the painful sunburn.

In addition, during PDT there is often an unnoticed receiving the photosensitizing here in the non-affected areas of skin, making Psoriasis, das Öl desirable to protect these Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten from the drug-activating radiation.

Zusammenfassung der Erfindung Summary of the Invention. Die vorliegende Erfindung bietet allgemein ein Verfahren zur Behandlung einer proliferativen Hauterkrankung in einem menschlichen Patienten, der befallene und nicht befallene Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten aufweist. The present invention provides generally The Schuppenflechte, rheumatoide Arthritis kann method for treating a proliferative skin disorder in a human patient, Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten affected and non-affected areas of skin comprises.

As used herein the term "proliferative Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten disease" refers to planuus psoriasis, eczema, Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten keratosis, mycosis fungoides, lichen and other diseases that lead to a rapid proliferation of skin cells.

Das Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten der vorliegenden Erfindung umfasst die Schritte: An essential feature of proliferative skin disorders that is Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten to the advantage in the process of the present invention is that of hyper-proliferation of the epidermis, the outer layer of skin.

Infested areas of skin grow and are repelled at a rate of about ten times than that of non-affected areas. A topically applied substance, such as a sun shield, adhered to the stratum corneum of the affected regions will therefore be repelled relatively much faster to the sun shield, which is applied to the non-affected areas.

After a predetermined period of time, this results in that in the non-affected areas of the skin a large amount of Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten shield is retained relative to the befallenenen areas.

Example, using a non-invasive optical method that uses the measuring the reflection properties of the sun shield treated skin contains. In these Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten embodiments, prior to step c a photosensitivierender agent, psoralen, or a psoralen compound is administered.

Dihydroxyaceton "DHA"welche an Teile des Stratum corneum bindet, um Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten teilweise zu absorbieren, am meisten bevorzugt im Spektralbereich zwischen — nm. Wenn ein photosensitivierender Wirkstoff, Psoralen oder auf Psoralen basierende Verbindung, dem Patienten verabreicht wird, liegt die optische Absorption der aktiven Verbindung bevorzugt im Spektralbereich zwischen — nm.

The sunscreen preferably contains an active compound, for. Example, dihydroxyacetone "DHA" Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, which binds to portions of the stratum corneum to absorb light radiation Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, most preferably in the spectral range between nm.

If a photosensitivierender drug, psoralen or psoralen-based compound is administered to the Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, the optical absorption of http://julia-kuhn.de/verursacht-juckreiz-der-kopfhaut.php active compound is preferably in the spectral range between nm. In the preferred embodiments, the method of the present invention is used to treat psoriasis, mycosis fungoides, eczema, actinic keratosis or lichen planus.

Other features and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following description of preferred embodiments thereof and from the claims. Kurze Beschreibung der Zeichnungen Brief Description of Drawings. Die Graphik zeigt auch das Absorptionsspektrum von DHA.

The graph also shows the absorption spectrum of DHA. Detaillierte Beschreibung der Erfindung Detailed Description of the Invention.

The sun shields used Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten method of the invention contain an active compound which exhibits desired chemical and optical properties. With desirable "chemical" properties is meant that the active compound must have an acceptably low toxicity, and is able to adhere to both affected and Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten areas of skin.

Ferner sollte die aktive Verbindung hochsubstanziell sein, was bedeutet, dass sie nicht Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten abgewaschen wird und an den Elementen des Stratum corneum z. Keratin, andere Proteinen, Lipiden etc. Furthermore, the active compound should be hochsubstanziell, which means that it is not easily washed off and should adhere to the elements of the stratum corneum z.

The active compound should also after the absorption of light are Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten subject to light degradation, and should minimize hyperpigmentation of the skin during the phototherapy. Listed in Table 1 are active compounds which show the desired chemical and optical properties and which can be incorporated in a Befeuchtungsbasis to form sun shields according Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the invention.

Eine bevorzugte aktive Verbindung ist DHA Dihydroxyaceton. A preferred active compound Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten DHA dihydroxyacetone. DHA is a colorless, naturally occurring three-carbon sugar Lehninger, Biochemistry, Worth Publishers, New York, that in the past three decades as an active ingredient in many normal "sunless tanning" products has been applied topically.

In topical application DHA penetrates superficially into the stratum corneum where it covalently binds to epidermal proteins via their amino groups, resulting in a cosmetically acceptable "tanning" color generated which produces an effective light protection against visible light.

DHA zeigt auch eine starke Absorption der nahen Ultraviolettlichtstrahlung und ist nach der Strahlungsabsorption fluoreszent. DHA also shows a strong Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten of near-ultraviolet light radiation and is fluorescent after radiation absorption. The order adhering sun shields, which contain active compounds, follows a period during which the preferred skin loss of the affected areas ie, the lesions occurs because of rapid skin proliferation, these regions remain with a lower concentration of the sunscreen relative to the non-affected areas.

The affected areas of skin thus remain relatively unprotected from the optical radiation during phototherapy or PDT. Durch den selektiven Schutz der nicht befallenen Haut erlaubt die Methode der vorliegenden Erfindung: Die Methode der vorliegenden Erfindung macht daher die Behandlung befallener Haut mittels Phototherapie, PDT Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten Photochemotherapie sowohl sicherer als auch effizienter.

The method of the present invention, therefore, makes the treatment of infected skin by phototherapy, photochemotherapy PDT or more info safer and more efficient. Interaktion der Sonnenabschirmung mit dem Stratum corneum Interaction of the sun shield with Psoriasis Advantan stratum corneum.

Nach der topischen Anwendung binden die Sonnenabschirmungen bevorzugt an Proteine, die in den oberen Zellschichten des Stratum corneum enthalten sind. After topical application the sun shields preferentially bind to proteins that are corneum in the upper cell layers of the stratum. Alternatively, they can communicate with other skin components such as lipids, polymerize or Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten. In the case of DHA, this results in the formation of an oxidized compound which, after the light absorption, shows a fluorescent behavior Ellis Adv Carbohydrate Chem.

Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten frozen skin sections were prepared and the fluorescence of DHA as a function of depth in the skin was measured by means of spectroscopic standard techniques after 1- to 3-day periods.

In Bezug nun auf die Referring now to the 1 1. The fluorescence intensity was reduced after a 3-day period due to the repulsion of the stratum corneum significantly. The fluorescence intensity of the stained skin samples was compared in the study with an unstained Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten sample.

The penetration depth of DHA was also measured in a separate study by topically applying a DHA solution, waiting for a period of time which the DHA to Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the stratum sufficient corneum, and finally peeling der Menschen, Psoriasis leiden skin layers with an adhesive tape, while the intensity of the induced fluorescence was measured.

By means of Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten topically applied sunscreen was applied to a part of the forearm of three normal volunteers a thin layer of DHA. Nachdem dem DHA eine ausreichende Zeit belassen wurde, in das Stratum corneum zu diffundieren 4—6 Stundenwurde ein Klebeband auf die Haut in dem Bereich der aufgetragenen Sonnenabschirmung aufgetragen.

After the DHA a sufficient time was allowed to diffuse into the stratum corneum hours an adhesive tape was applied to the skin in the region of the applied sunscreen. The removal of the tape resulted in Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten removal of approximately one layer of skin cells having a thickness of about 0. The fluorescence intensity Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the resultant skin surface was measured non-inversiv after stripping each skin layer using standard spectroscopy techniques.

The process was repeated, with the induced fluorescence intensity decreased at each peeling due to the presence of DHA. Ordnungsgemäße von Psoriasis complete loss of fluorescence occurred after stripping of 25 skin layers, is equal to a depth of about microns, which approximates the thickness of the human stratum corneum.

The ideal concentration of active bonds in the sun shields generates a high-light Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten layer, which binds directly to the skin surface. Higher concentrations result corneum to excessive amounts of the binding of the active compound with the stratum, resulting in an increase in the time which is necessary that the active compound is repelled substantially, which extends the time Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the application of the sun shield and phototherapy.

Although the stratum corneum of psoriatic skin is repelled at eight times the rate of Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten skin, it can also be thicker by a multiple. Therefore resulting active compounds that bind to the entire stratum corneum to a higher level article source staining, and it may actually take longer that it is completely repelled. The desired concentration of DHA or other active components in sunscreen is defined as that which is necessary to provide normal skin a substantial Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten. With different carriers or agents that influence the DHA staining of skin, lower concentrations may be used.

Desired concentrations of other active compounds in sun shields are listed in Table 1. A different loss of the active compound of the affected skin areas is typically found in Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten treatments, but when the areas are clear, the rate of loss decreases and the active compound is retained longer. Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten on the patient can thus be changed, the frequency of application and concentration of the active compound in the course of phototherapy in accordance with the rejection rates and the changes of Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten binding site of the skin.

It is a matter of routine, to perform the frequency and Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten adjustments using the guidance given herein. Alternativ kann ein photosensitivierender Wirkstoff, Psoralen oder eine auf Psoralen beruhende Verbindung, einem Patienten click at this page Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten und in Kombination mit einer topisch aufgetragenen Sonnenabschirmung angewendet werden. Alternatively, a photosensitivierender agent psoralen or a psoralen-based compound Wie Psoriasis Bewertungen to a patient, and be used in combination with a topically applied sunscreen.

The compounds can be in die durch Zahlen Statistiken Psoriasis-Patienten Russland in any conventional manner eg.

After administration is drained for a sufficient period to allow the compound is selectively retained in affected skin areas. Preferably the compound is administered such that the ratio of the drug, which is retained in the affected areas and in the non-affected regions approximately the same time is maximized so that the ratio of the amount of sunscreen covering these regions is minimized. Dies erlaubt eine effiziente Behandlung der befallenen Hautbereiche mittels PDT.

This allows an efficient treatment of the affected skin areas with PDT. Examples photosensitivierender active ingredients Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten can be used in Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten method of the Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten invention include Hematoporphyrinderivate HPCporfimer sodium Click to see morebenzoporphyrin-derivative Monoacidring A BPD-MAmonoAspartylchlor-e6 NPe6chloraluminiumsulfoniertes phthalocyanine and similar light-absorbing compounds which are selectively retained in affected skin regions and become activated by optical absorption ie subject Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten photochemical reactions to Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten cytotoxic singlet oxygen.

In addition, 5-aminolevulinic acid ALAa naturally occurring precursor of the biologically synthesized porphyrin protoporphyrin IX, are Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten as photosensitivierender agent. Examples of psoralen-based compounds which may be used in the method of the present invention include 8-MOP methoxsalen, xanthotoxin5-methoxypsoralen 5-MOP, Bergaptin7-Methylpyridopsoralen, isopsoralen and other isomers and chemical derivatives forms of psoralen.

Bestimmung der Lichtflusspegel zur Phototherapie Determination of the light flux level for phototherapy. A minimal erythema dose MED is the flux, measured as energy per unit area, of radiation necessary to produce delayed erythema of a patient after irradiation.

After receiving a photosensitizing agent, the amount zur Extrakte von Psoriasis reason radiation that is this web page for generating a delayed erythema, called the minimal phototoxic dose MPD.

The phototoxic protection factor PPF refers to the ability Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten a sunscreen to protect the skin from photo-sensitized skin reactions, and is defined as the ratio of the MEDs or MPDs for the protected skin with and without sunscreen. Thus, the PPF, which is generated by a sun shield for a certain skin type can be determined by the skin is exposed to a sufficiently high UV-flow, to induce erythema in treated and Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten skin regions, and by then the ratio of the light fluxes determined.

After applying a sun shield allows the accurate determination of the PPF for a Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten skin sample selection of the appropriate light level for phototherapy. A too high estimation Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the PPF may result in burning of the skin during treatment, while a too low estimation can reduce the effectiveness of phototherapy, Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten extending the treatment.

Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten PPF a skin sample can be accurately determined using a Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten technique that involves measuring the diffuse component of the reflectance of the skin of the patient Wan et al, J. The Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten can be expressed by the equation: This result can also be expressed logarithmically as: The PPF can therefore be measured by the skin surface is irradiated with light having the appropriate wavelength, the reflected light with a photodetector geeignten is measured and then the PPF using equation 1 is estimated.

A sun shield, which contains an active compound provides a specific PPF for the skin, and may also color, depending on the skin type of the patient, Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten skin. Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten two factors can be compared for different skin types and it Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten be a "color map" be established, which correlates the staining level with the intended PPF.

This allows the approach of the PPF by simply checking the level of skin color, to thereby determine the procedure for determining the appropriate level of optical radiation to be used during treatment. Optische Bestrahlung der Haut Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten Irradiation of the Skin.

After the determination of the PPF and the appropriate level of optical irradiation, therapy may be performed with standard treatment units well known in the art. For UHB phototherapy sources are used which emit wavelengths less than nm.

For UVA and PUVA therapy, such units typically include fluorescent bulbs capable of emitting an optical Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten having a peak near nm.

The intensities of the UVA doses are typically measured with photodetectors which have maximum sensitivity between nm. Within the treatment area, the intensity ein wie Mal psoriatischer zu heilen für alle Arthritis the radiation dose is kept relatively uniform. Emitted from the bulb infrared wavelengths are typically filtered out before they reach the treatment area, because they can heat the skin, Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten is uncomfortable for the patient during therapy.

Further details of the device that is used for phototherapeutic treatments can be found in Honigmann et al.

If photosensitizing agents are used in combination with topically applied sun shields, the wavelength of the incident optical radiation within the absorption Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten of the photosensitizing agent must lie. Bevorzugt wird als Lichtquelle ein Laser, wie etwa ein einstellbarer Farbstoff- oder Feststoftlaser, ein Metalldampflaser oder ein Diodenlaser, verwendet.

Depending on the drug employed, this range is typically between nm. It is continue reading as a light source, Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten laser, such as a dye or adjustable Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, a metal vapor laser or a diode laser is used.

Lasers are often the most viable light source for treatment because of their high output power Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten minimize the processing times at the appropriate drug activating Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten. In addition, the laser light can easily be coupled into flexible optical fibers to simplify mit Psoriasis von Dosierung Methotrexat der Die Behandlung light output to the treatment area.

Can be used, other light sources, such as fluorescent bulbs and solar simulators Dougherty, et al, Cancer Res. Experimentelle Ergebnisse Experimental results. The process provided by a sunscreen PPF Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten with the concentration of the active http://julia-kuhn.de/psoriasis-behandlung-ryazan.php. In order to determine the dependence of the PPF produced by DHA as a function of concentration, 6 patients skin types ranging from I-IV were exposed to PUVA therapy which had sufficiently high light flux Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten to cause erythema.

The MPDs of the different areas were measured by nine 1 cm 2 -Make Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten exposed in Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten single area of skin gradually Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten doses of UVA radiation, the radiation near nm was centered.

Der Vergleich dem MPDs von diesen Bereichen mit dem MPD von einem DHA-freien Bereich erlaubte die Bestimmung des PPF, die dann auf Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten DHA-Konzentration Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten werden konnte. Comparison of the MPDs from these Psoriasis allergische Erkrankung with the MPD from an area free of DHA allowed determination of the PPF, which could then be related to DHA concentration.

In Bezug auf In relation to 3 3 zeigt die lineare Beziehung zwischen der DHA-Konzentration und dem PPF die Zunahme im Schutz gegen ein Erythem, das durch die zunehmenden DHA-Konzentrationen erzeugt Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten. The slope of increase of the data in the plot also shows a lack of saturation that occurs in the DHA-absorption, which can assume that also could still cause higher DHA concentrations to a better protection against UVA wavelengths.

Der durch DHA erzeugte PPF wurde auch mittels der nicht-invasiven optischen Messung vorhergesagt, wie oben beschrieben. The PPF produced by DHA was also predicted using the Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten optical measurement described above. Experiments Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten performed on two sun shields by the fluorescence excitation spectra of skin samples were measured, which were covered with a thin layer of sunscreen.

There were Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten out non-invasively by scanning the wavelength of an excitation light source measurements, after which the skin fluorescence was detected by a single wavelength Wan et al, J. Soc Cosmetic Chem Marks, Cutaneous Investigation in Health and Disease, Leveque ed. A Spex fluorometer which had an excitation light source and Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten monochrometer was fitted with an optical fiber bundle Spex Industries, Edison, NJ for outputting the optical radiation to the sample of interest.

The excitation wavelengths were chosen so that they nm or dansyl chloride nm fit to the peak of the absorption spectra of either DHA. The Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten light was passed through the monochrometer 4 nm bandpass and into one arm just click for source the fiber bundle and used to irradiate the skin.

Die Fluoreszenz von der Haut wurde durch die gleiche Faser aufgenommen und durch ein Emmisionsmonochrometer 4 nm Bandpass und in einen Detektor geleitet. Fluorescence from the skin was collected by the same fiber and by a Emmisionsmonochrometer 4 nm bandpass and directed into a detector. The excitation spectra were recorded at the peak of the emission spectrum of either DHA nm or dansyl chloride nm and were corrected after a weak autofluorescence background due to the emission of non-colored skin.

The same instrument palmoplantare Psoriasis-Typen used to measure skin reflectance spectra by setting the excitation and Emissionsmonochrometer were set to the same wavelength. The optical density of the active compound at the absorbing wavelength was determined by comparison of the incident light click the following article with induced fluorescence or reflected intensity.

Der PPF wurde bestimmt, indem, nach der Ingestion von 8-Methoxypsoralen 8-MOPdieselben Hautstellen einer Strahlung bei nm ausgesetzt wurden. The PPF was determined by, were suspended after the ingestion of 8-methoxypsoralen 8-MOPthe same skin radiation at nm. Die durchgehende Linie in der Graphik ist der Fit der Daten zu Gleichung 2. The solid line in the graph is the fit of the data to equation 2. The agreement between the data and the fit refers to the ability of the Hautreflektanzverfahrens of Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten present invention, the PPF generated by the applied sunscreen to predict accurately by means Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten a simple non-invasive measurement.

Schnelle Abschuppung der Haut Rapid scaling of the skin. The shedding of the stratum corneum was tested by the time-dependent decrease in fluorescence intensity was monitored from the skin after topical application of a sunscreen.

Time-dependent fluorescence intensities of psoriatic and non-affected skin samples compared, which were stained with either Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten or dansyl chloride-containing sun shields. The induced fluorescence intensity increases from stained with DHA psoriatic plaques more rapidly, wherein the DHA was approximated from the skin completely repelled 96 hours after more info. The rapid decrease in the time-dependent fluorescence intensity induced in psoriatic skin stained with DHA implies a more superficial binding of DHA to the stratum corneum in comparison with dansyl chloride.

Thus, DHA-containing allow sun shields that over a shorter period of time, for. Example 72 hours after the application, effective phototherapeutic treatments to be carried out. The level of fluorescence intensity is please click for source correlated with the concentration Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the skin sample bound DHA.

During a phototherapeutic treatment results in an approximately hour time period separating the application of DHA from the exposure of skin to optical radiation, an optimization of the conditions for phototherapy. The natural rejection Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten of psoriatic tissue can be attributed affected areas Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten minimal DHA-protection, while the non-affected skin is relatively protected from the optical radiation.

This allows greater light fluxes are used during phototherapy, thereby accelerate the treatment of psoriatic condition. It should be Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten that active agents to shedding of the stratum corneum can be used to Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the rate at which the sun shields containing DHA or other active compounds are shed from the skin.

In particular, alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid, effective Entschuppungsmittel. If administered prior to, during or after application of an applied hochsubstanziellen sun shield is the length of time required for the loss of the sun shield is reduced. It is also possible physical means for removing the skin are applied. Verwendung von DHA bei der Phototherapie Use of DHA in the phototherapy.

The DHA staining has a yellow-brown or orange color and is generally cosmetically acceptable, because it mimics the naturally tanned skin. Thus, during PUVA therapy, the skin is typically most sensitive to optical wavelengths near to nm.

The overlap of the two spectra indicates that the active and most harmful optical wavelengths used in PUVA therapy, preferably are absorbed preferably DHA.

The absorption spectrum of other components are listed in Table 1, in particular 2-Ethoxyethylhexyl-p-methoxycinnamate Cinnoxat2,2-dihydroxymethoxybenzophenone dioxybenzone2-hydroxymethoxybenzophenone oxybenzoneand 2- hydroxymethoxybenzophenonesulfonic acid sulisobenzone are also peaks near nm.

Thus, these compounds also have the function as especially effective light stabilizers during UVA phototherapy. Am Acad Dermatol The Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten absorbance is pH dependent and it has been observed that a yellow colored product at high, but still safe pH levels occurs in human skin. This implies, for built-in high pH Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten DHA, a shift of the absorption spectrum at nm down. A high pH DHA formulation could therefore be applied in a sun screen as UVB light stabilizers.

An effective sunscreen for UVB phototherapy can also be made by using an increased concentration of DHA, resulting in a higher optical absorbance at wavelengths near nm. Alternatively absorb active compounds, such as glyceryl aminobenzoate, Amyl-p-dimethylamino benzoate Padimate-A Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, 2-ethylhexyl-p-dimethylaminobenzoate Padimate-O and 3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexyl salicylate homosalatewhich are listed in Table 1light having wavelengths which are closer to the UVB range.

These active compounds when they are included in hochsubstanziellen sun shields, useful light stabilizers. After the administration of a photosensitizing agent, there is frequently a significant uptake of the drug in the link skin areas, which makes it necessary during treatment to attenuate the incident optical radiation on these areas.

It is therefore desirable to use a sunscreen containing an active component having substantial optical absorption at the drug-activating wavelength of the light source. As a useful light stabilizers and other active compounds Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten be used, which partially absorb in this spectral light.

Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten 1 — Phototherapeutische Behandlung von Psoriasis mittels DHA-enthaltender Sonnenabschirmung Example 1 Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten phototherapeutic treatment of psoriasis using DHA-containing sunscreen.

Bei den Patienten waren zuvor weniger aggressive Therapien mittels topischer Corticosteroide oder UVB-Bestrahlung erfolglos und hatten in den vorausgehenden vier Wochen keine Http://julia-kuhn.de/juckreiz-mechanismus.php erhalten.

In the patients were previously less aggressive therapy by topical corticosteroids or UVB irradiation unsuccessful and had received in over the preceding four weeks, no treatments. PUVA therapy was performed according Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten the standard protocol Melski et Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, J Invest Dermatol During each visit, the skin reflectance was measured in the DHA-protected site and the PPF was estimated.

The force applied to the DHA side light dose was increased by a factor equivalent to the PPF value so that non-affected skin was exposed on each side of the patient the same effective light flux.

Because the skin was preferred repelled on the DHA side in the psoriatic area, therefore, these regions of psoriatic plaques of a substantially higher dose of optical radiation were exposed.

The psoriasis activity and severity degree index PASI score Fred Eriksson et al, U. Es fanden sich so hohe PPFs, wie etwa 10, bei mehrfach wiederholten Anwendungen von DHA. There were so high PPF, such as about 10, with multiple repeated applications of DHA.

Alle Patienten berichteten von einer dauerhaften Verbesserung des psoriatischen Zustands in der DHA-behandelten Stelle. All patients reported a lasting improvement in psoriatic condition in the DHA-treated site. In the first 5 patients, the mean number Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten treatments was necessary to eliminate the psoriasis, Comparing these data with the unstained control skin that 20 - 25 required for the elimination treatment of the psoriasis, as Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten reflect the improvements of the method of the present invention resist Melski et al, J.

From the Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten scores can be seen that the DHA-treated sites were Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten faster during Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten early weeks of treatment.

After several treatments, it was found just click for source the psoriatic skin began the DHA longer than 3 days to retain Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten undesired UVA protection generated on the plaques, due to Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten decrease of epidermal reaction rate when the plaques began to heal.

Die vorstehenden Beschreibungen des bevorzugten Verfahrens der vorliegenden Erfindung ist zu Illustrations- und Beschreibungszwecken angegeben worden. The foregoing Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten of the preferred method of the present invention has been given for purposes of illustration and description.

There is no intention to be exhaustive or to limit the http://julia-kuhn.de/psoriasis-arthritis-und-chirurgie.php to the precise form disclosed. CAA1DED1EPA1EPA4EPB1USWOA1. Rox AndersonPsoriasis Behandlungszeiten HruzaNikiforos Kollias. The General Hospital Corp. BiBTeXEndNoteRefMan.

Patent WOA1 - Radiation device for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes - Google Patentsuche

Schuppenflechte ist nicht ansteckend. Auch wenn diese vorhanden ist, muss die Krankheit jedoch nicht immer zum Ausbruch kommen. Lebensjahr erstmals an Schuppenflechte Typ1-Psoriasis. Http://julia-kuhn.de/schuppenflechte-auf-der-koerpersolarium.php Kindesalter ist die Schuppenflechte — im Vergleich zur Neurodermitis — zwar recht selten, doch es gibt sie.

Schweregrad und Einlauf Psoriasis sind individuell und sehr unterschiedlich. Nach Informationen des Robert Koch-Instituts RKI geben etwa 30 bis 40 Prozent der Menschen mit Psoriasis an, dass auch Verwandte betroffen sind. Es kommt aber auch Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, dass kein Elternteil Psoriasis hat, das gemeinsame Kind jedoch trotzdem darunter leidet. Beide Elternteile leiden unter Schuppenflechte, doch beim Kind bricht die Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten nie aus.

Die Wahrscheinlichkeit der Vererbung liegt bei einem Kind mit nur Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten betroffenen Elternteil bei etwa 10 Prozent.

Leiden beide Eltern an Schuppenflechte, steigt dieses Risiko Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten etwa 30 Prozent. Normalerweise erneuert sich die Oberhaut innerhalb von 28 Tagen. Bei Psoriatikern dauert das Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten drei bis vier Tage. Meist Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten es zu Schwellungen der kleinen Gelenke der Zehen oder Finger. Die Schwellungen sind schmerzhaft und behindern die Bewegung. Ein Wechsel der Therapie-Form nach gewisser Zeit kann hilfreich sein.

Es gibt inzwischen aber die sogenannte Minutentherapie, die leicht und nicht so zeitverbrauchend Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten. Dies ist zur Beginn der Behandlung hilfreich, aber bei einer Langzeitanwendung von Cortison ist Vorsicht geboten: Zum Einsatz kommen seit einigen Jahren auch so genannte Biologicals oder: Sie werden meist unter die Haut gespritzt oder als Infusion verabreicht.

Die Basis-Hautpflege bleibt daneben bestehen. Diese sogenannte Photo-Solebehandlung wird seit rund 25 Jahren zum Beispiel in Kliniken und Rehakliniken eingesetzt. An Nord- Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten Ostsee oder anderen Psoriasis-Spezialkliniken wird die Methode in Deutschland eingesetzt. Parallel dazu wurden Anfang der 80er Jahre die orale Photochemo-Therapie Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten PUVA-Behandlung Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten die sogenannte Bade-PUVA-Therapie etabliert.

Daher bekommen Psoriasispatienten einen UV-Pass, in den alle Bestrahlungen eingetragen werden. Ein relativ neuer und von den Kassen nicht bezahlter Ansatz ist der Einsatz von Lasern.

Bekannt Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten, dass eine Streptokokken-Angina den Ausbruch einer Psoriasis hervorrufen kann. In den Mandeln Tonsillen dieser Psoriatiker waren die gleichen Lymphozyten T-Zellen vorhanden wie in ihren Psoriasis-Herden. Betroffene geraten oft in einen Teufelskreis: Entscheidend ist dabei oft, ob "sensible Regionen" wie das Gesicht oder der Genitalbereich betroffen sind.

Auch anhaltender Juckreiz kann ein erhebliches Problem sein. Die bessere seelische Ausgeglichenheit kann auch dazu beitragen, die Hauterscheinungen zu verringern.

Auch der Erfahrungsaustausch mit anderen Betroffenen — etwa in Selbsthilfegruppen — kann das Leiden lindern siehe Wissenswertes. So zeigen wissenschaftliche Studien: Nach dem Stand der wissenschaftlichen Here seien es vergleichsweise wenig Patienten, die auf bestimmte Nahrungsmittel mit einer Verschlechterung zu haben Psoriasis ist möglich, für es Butter Erkrankung Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten. Zur Betreuung von Patienten mit alleiniger Psoriasis Arthritis kommen Rheumatologen beziehungsweise Internisten in Frage.

Auch medizinische Bademeister und — bei der Psoriasis Arthritis — Krankengymnasten, Ergotherapeuten und Masseure betreuen Betroffene mit. Der Deutsche Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten Bund e.

Was tun bei Neurodermitis, Kontaktekzem, oder Warzen? Senioren Ratgeber mit Informationen rund um Krankheiten, gesund alt werden, altersgerechtes Wohnen, Pflege und Finanzen Diabetes Ratgeber mit den Schwerpunkten Diabetes Typ 1 und Diabetes Typ 2: Login Registrieren Newsletter bestellen.

Schuppenflechte Psoriasis Schuppenflechte Psoriasis ist nicht Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten eine Erkrankung der Haut, sondern kann auch Gelenke und andere Organe betreffen. Ursachen Symptome Diagnose Therapie Vorbeugen Wissenswertes Beratender Experte. Blick in den Mund: Lasertherapie Ein relativ neuer und von den Kassen nicht bezahlter Ansatz ist der Einsatz Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten Lasern. Die Mandeln entfernen lassen? Er kann einen Arztbesuch nicht Psoriasis Behandlungszeiten. Hilfe bei Hautkrankheiten Was tun bei Neurodermitis, Kontaktekzem, oder Warzen?

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