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Food-Menü in Psoriasis

But what does the science say? These challenges make it hard for us to identify strong links between food and psoriasis, but we do have some clues about what sort of foods may help psoriasis. For instance, the number of people with psoriasis is lower in some Mediterranean regions. Researchers think this might be because some foods in the Mediterranean diet like olive oil, oily fish and nuts help to reduce inflammation.

Because psoriasis is an inflammatory condition, eating foods with anti-inflammatory effects may ease symptoms. For example, omega-3 a type of fat found in oily fish Food-Menü in Psoriasis slow the release of inflammatory hormones.

In some people with psoriasis, omega-3 supplements have Food-Menü in Psoriasis reduce redness, itching and scaling of skin. Being overweight also increases inflammation in the body, Food-Menü in Psoriasis the risk of developing psoriasis. We know Food-Menü in Psoriasis psoriasis severity seem to get worse as body weight increases. Some foods that may worsen psoriasis like alcohol and sugar are also linked to weight gain.

If you are overweight, losing weight can improve symptoms, and may even help your psoriasis medications work Diät-Behandlung für Psoriasis effectively.

Changing your diet can be difficult and full of conflicting advice. The TREAT app gives you access to a real life nutrition coach with the ease of texting through an app, and at the fraction of the cost of seeing a nutritionist in person.

You upload photos of your meals so your coach can analyse the nutritional value, score your anti-inflammatory ingredients, then inspire you with healthier options, fun challenges and top tips.

Changing your diet can be empowering, because it is something you can make a decision about. Although there is no single psoriasis diet, making changes to your eating habits can make a difference to more than your skin. Lots of the foods we think are good for psoriasis such as olive oil, oily fish and nuts are also good for your body in general, and can help protect against heart disease and diabetes. Eating healthier foods can also have a positive effect on other aspects of Food-Menü in Psoriasis life, such as your mood, energy levels and sense of wellbeing.

This means you may see positive changes in your body and mental state as well as your skin if you change your diet. Bear in mind that Food-Menü in Psoriasis your diet can be challenging — you might have to give up or eat less of the foods that you enjoy, for example alcohol or sugary Food-Menü in Psoriasis, which can be hard work. Changing your diet may also mean you need to spend more time preparing meals and shopping. What do we know about Food-Menü in Psoriasis and psoriasis?

The inflammation link Because psoriasis is an inflammatory condition, eating foods with anti-inflammatory effects may ease symptoms. Talking to a nutrition coach is a Food-Menü in Psoriasis way to get support making right diet changes more info try the Food-Menü in Psoriasis app.

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